Monday, 25 March 2013

A full first day and a full life


This week, the Nomad teams from England and Northern Ireland are both partnering with Street 360 (Crawley YFC) for a mission week in Holy Trinity School. We are truly appreciative of the prayers of so many supporters, and will endeavour to update this blog each day of the mission.

Many thanks to everyone for your prayers during yesterday's travel chaos and logistical nightmare. God was good and both teams (and a cage!) arrived in Crawley by midnight. After a few hours' kip, we hit the ground running for the first day of the mission today. The theme of the week is 'living life to the full' from John 10:10 and today we were able to take three RE classroom lessons and three PE lessons on this topic. Students were encouraged to think about their ideas of an abundant life, and we had the opportunity to tell them of the way in which our relationship with Jesus has given us life to the full. In addition, the lunchtime cage session was well attended, and led to several excellent conversations. There was also a 'Grill a Christian' session with a local minister, during which students were invited to pose any query about Christianity. This will be repeated each lunchtime this week.

Please pray for:

- Continued energy for everyone on the mission week team
- Conversations around school to be focused on God
- Christians at the school to be built up in their faith as a result of the week

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