Thursday, 13 September 2012

Newmad... Nomad

September 13th 2012

The Nomad team for the 2012/13 has taken shape! Erik Hayter once again leads the team, and is joined by new team members Jenna Allison, David Burke and James Girling. Give thanks to God for the brilliant week we've just had at the Evangelism Training Conference alongside all the other YFC One volunteers. The conference gave us brilliant training in both theology and youth work from some amazing speakers and also developed real unity amongst us! This week is being used to sort out practical things (i.e. van cleaning) as well as going over school lessons and outlining our vision for the year. On Friday, it's off to Smallwood Manor for a Fort Rocky weekend before we head to Coventry for a week's mission from September 17th-23rd. Please pray for the practicalities of travel safety and assembling the cage, but most importantly that young people would meet Jesus at both Fort Rocky and in Coventry!

Joke of the week: My friend has a chicken proof lawn. It's impeccable.

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