Friday, 9 March 2012

From One week to Another....

We had an awesome time working locally with Zion Christian Centre on 24th February, and their youth group of around 100 or so young people.

After that we had a retreat just down the road from the Office, this was a time of seeking God and contemplating our future beyond YFC One. This was also the first time for us to meet our newest member Ben Green.

We had worship in the morning followed by a talk from Anne Calver which I have to say was amazing she used the story of Joseph to illustrate the theme of each day which was Past, Present and Future, and how Joseph overcame these things and God used him.

Then during the day we had some activities and time to chill, then in the evenings we had more worship which was led by fellow YFC One volunteers, the evening talk was done by the YFC One staff.

We are looking forward to our next 2 missions with Ben in North Breckland and Faringdon.

Sammy B

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